Games Workshop Tau Empire Codex - rulebook


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Beschrijving Games Workshop Tau Empire Codex - rulebook

Games Workshop Tau Empire Codex
The T?au are a young and dynamic race of technologically advanced aliens whose empire is spreading like wildfire across the stars. Ruled and guided by the enigmatic Ethereals, the T?au seek to unite every sentient being under the light of the T?au?va, or Greater Good. They prefer that others join this growing alliance willingly, but do not hesitate to use force to fulfil their destiny wherever they must. At the forefront of this fight are the Hunter Cadres of the Fire Caste. Comprising highly mobile and well-armed soldiery, led and supported by veteran warriors piloting deadly battlesuits, gunships and strike fighters, these armies sweep all before them in a blizzard of devastating firepower. Signature battle strategies such as the decisive Mont?ka or the cunning ambush of the Kauyon see the enemy outmanoeuvred at every turn, while their potent blend of technological might and ideological fanaticism ensure the T?au achieve victory after victory.

Key Features
The ultimate guide to the technological supremacy of the Tau Empire
136 pages of background lore and tabletop game rules
Includes Warlord Traits, Relics, in-depth Crusade rules, Tau Empire datasheets, and much more

This 136-page book comprehensively covers the Tau Empire. It has everything you need to bring the technological might of the Tau to bear on the tabletop in order to expand the empire, plus a selection of lore and art to inspire your own collection.

Inside this hardback codex youll find:
- The origins of the Tau Empire, their desire for unity through the Greater Good, and their will to expand as a species
- A detailed description Taus caste-based society, the various Spheres of Expansion, the Septs that form the Empire, and the technological and military might of the Tau
- Background information on the Ethereals, as well as characters such as AunShi, Shadowsun, and Commander Farsight
- A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures
- 37 datasheets for the units that make up the Tau forces, from squads of Fire Warriors, to incredible Battlesuits, and heavily armed tanks
- Battle-forged rules that represent how the Tau wage war, from Sept Tenets, Cadre Commands, Independent Powers, as well as Bespoke Stratagems, Prototype Systems, and more.
- Crusade Rules that let you bring the Greater Good to various planets through overpowering force and subtle diplomacy
- And more!

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